Light & LED advertisement

Production of light advertisement

Both large and small light advertisement are a great way to make businesses, operations, shops, restaurants and hotels more visible.

High-quality components

Modern light eye-catchers and boxes are made of the latest high-quality materials. We use high-performance LEDs with a long life and high luminosity for backlighting.

Lighting panels for shops and operations

Your operation can become a dominant feature of a night-time street.

Lighting information systems

Thanks to our technologies and know-how, we can produce really high-quality and durable information boards, banners and signs.

Light boxes

Favorite light eye-catchers with easily replaceable graphics - your light advertising will always be up to date!


Lavacom lighting advertisement

  • light boxes (one-sided, two-sided, aluminum, plastic and large)
  • luminous cassette letters (lighted and backlit)
  • light totems, pylons, stands
  • light menuboxes (for fast food)
  • LED diode systems (one-color, with RGB color changer)
  • atypical light advertising

Installation of light advertisements

We undertake the complete assembly and service of light advertisements. We are also able to complete very complicated and demanding advertisement assemblies.

In addition to production, we also offer the refurbishment of old light advertisements

Renovating light advertisements at great prices! Before we produce the light advertisement, we will advise you on the best option. Consultation, measuring and the visualization of the advertising cannot be left out. We will ensure the best placement and maximum efficiency.


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