Stickers, one-way vision

Self-adhesive and adhesive films

Self-adhesive films are currently a highly-used advertising medium. They address us unknowingly every day, without realizing their presence. These include windows, shop windows and car stickers. Unlimited size, shape and colorfulness are their key features.

Window, mirror, glass stickers...

By use, we divide the films into two basic categories. Printing films (full-color printing on the printing films) and plotting films (cutting of colored films). We distinguish according to durability:

  • monomeric films suitable for short-term use (1 - 2 years)
  • polymeric films (lifetime of 2 - 4 years)
  • film cast for long-term applications (4 years and more)

To preserve color consistency and to protect against mechanical damage, we laminate the self-adhesive labels with a protective film.

One-way vision

Perforated semi-permeable film. It is used as a window film or as a glass pane advertisement that remains transparent from the inside outwards.

Perforated adhesive foil

It is suitable for covering trams, buses, rear car windows and shop windows. It partially dims the sunshine and is resistant to water and weather conditions. Plotting devices allow shapes to be cut into the film.


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