Promo walls, promo stands, promo counters (POS advertisement)

The production of promo walls and promo stands (pop-up advertisement)

The production and printing of promo pop-up walls at an excellent quality. Promo walls and advertising walls are dominant, stable, and massive and their installation is quick and easy. Such presentation walls are intended to be used in an interior rather than an exterior. The construction and the printed film itself are resistant to water and UV radiation.


Complete presentation

A compact, folding presentation system with an aluminum frame creates a large advertising area with perfect round shapes. We deliver a complete set containing a full-color wall film, two halogen lights and a printed presentation table, which also serves as a portable suitcase on wheels.

Promo stands and promo racks

The production of advertising stands and racks. A purposeful and original advertisement for presenting new products or tastings. The creative design of the stands reflects the idea of the product and the company.

Thanks to our technology we can create large stands, cardboard stands, Plexiglas stands, PVC stands, aluminum stands, and wooden stands of various sizes and shapes. We can produce one original piece, but we also offer serial production. We will prepare a graphic design of the stands according to your requirements and a 3D visualization that will show you the final shape of the promo stand or rack.

Promo tables and promo counters

The production of promo tables and promo counters, which present a product or company in commercial centers, exhibitions and shops. The printing of the foil and its bonding to the rigid PVC material allow it to be detached and replaced with new graphics.

Quick and simple assembly and disassembly

Trendy, atypical tables and counters are stylish and purposeful with the option of adding shelves, small racks and protrusions. The table is packed into a bag to make it easier to carry.



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