Leaflets and posters


We offer printing leaflets by offset and digital printers. Promotional leaflets or full-color leaflets are a good medium for introducing a company, introducing a new product to the market, or informing an audience about a planned action.

Advertisement leaflets can effectively reach potential customers or regularly inform the public about news and discounts. After a leaflet campaign, clients report an increase in demand of up to 50%.

The creative design of promotional, advertising and electoral leaflets

Leaflets perform multiple functions. They entice, remind and inform - efficiently and quickly. We provide high-quality printing, a variety of materials and weights, shapes, cuts and sizes. The transport and distribution of leaflets are ensured as well.

Printing posters

The cost and performance ratio of advertisement posters is one of the best. We offer design and printing posters from smaller local through national to large transnational campaigns. We will design graphically interesting posters of various sizes from small leaflets to large posters. Our high-quality print and creative design increase your poster’s value. Lavacom – it’s also for express poster printing!


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