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With our experience and market knowledge, we will place your billboard campaign into the location with the highest possible efficiency. We will create an eye-catching and modern graphic design for your billboard and ensure printing is done by a top printer.

Have you ever head of last-minute billboards? If any billboard spaces remain free, you can order a billboard at a discounted price before the beginning of the new month!

Information about billboards: The standard lease period is one month. The campaign starts on the first day of the calendar month. The billboard offer includes a well-written registration sheet for each billboard. The possibility exists to book the billboard offer until the final selection. The rent price includes putting the cover on. The offer also includes the construction of billboards. The possibility of providing the printing of paper posters, foils, or banners at advantageous prices is also part of our offer. Photo-documentation of the campaign in electronic form can be done as well.


Bigboards are an effective intermediate level between a smaller billboard and a big megaboard with an excellent price/performance ratio. It is ideal for long-term campaigns, placing a new product on the market, or building up a company’s image. We offer the design, printing and installation of bigboards.

2D and 3D superstructures - rotating and overhanging elements complement a creative design. They guarantee the wow effect and the high percentage of your clients’ interest.

A network of our own bigboards

We offer you a network of bigboards located in Košice’s most strategic locations. Find more information in the section Renting bigboards in Košice.

Megaboard - eye-catching!

If you want really big advertisement areas, the megaboard is the right choice. Its large advertising space is visible from the car for up to 30 seconds and 1 km away! 

It is used for long-term image advertising campaigns and can be complemented by various superstructures of the megaboards.

Citylight - an effective light eye-catcher

Ideal modern advertising in pedestrian zones and public transport stops. Citylights are high-impact advertising spaces for passers-by.

  • located in places with a high pedestrian frequency
  • provide the ability to bring more information about a specific product or service
  • stand alone or integrated in public transport stops
  • creative solutions for light eye-catchers
  • we also offer all-over public transport shelters stickers to increase citylight efficiency


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