3D advertising, milling, cutting

Carving of letters and logotypes

Carved letters, logos, and graphics cut into plastic 3D are widely used.
3D letters for shop windows, plaster logos, and 3D design enhancements. 3D advertisements are made of high-quality materials, both for the indoors and outdoors.

Milling of different materials

We’re able to carve from different materials: Plexiglas, comatex, polystyrene, styrofoam, wood, metal, and more.

Production of non-standard projects

With our cutting-edge technologies, we can produce a variety of creative and 3D products using a cutter or laser. Color is achieved by coating or using a film in different color shades from the sampler. We offer different font sizes and depths. 

3D visualization and assembly

Prior to production, we offer you consultation, the selection of appropriate material, measuring and graphical visualization. We have the technology to produce one piece and large-scale batches alike.
For simple installation, we offer a template included in the price or service of our installation staff. Our offer also includes the dismantling of old letters and installing a new advertisement.


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